ESG Management

Reporting Center for Unfair Practices

Reporting should be made under the real name in principle, but the identity of the reporter/informant is thoroughly protected.
The reporter/informant's liability is exempted, if related to the case reporting.

  • 1. How to report

    • ① Via E-mail

      ② Via Phone Call

      ③ By Post

      ④ In-person Visits

    • Audit team.

      Audit team. 055-380-8988

      Recipient. KOS Audit team leader
      Address. [50592] 43, EOSIL-RO, YANGSAN-SI, GYEONGSANGNAM-DO

  • 2. How to process

    • How to process image
  • 3. Subject to report

      1. ① Embezzlement, Breach of trust and KICK-BACK
      2. ② Reception of bribes, money and valuables and entertainment
      3. ③ Acts of external leakage of trade secrets and key infromation within the company
      4. ④ Possession/occupation and misappropriation of corporate assets without permission
      5. ⑤ Workplace bullying, sexual harassment, internal/external violence(physical/verbal)
      6. ⑥ Monetary transactions/provision of valuables between executives and employees
        (Mutual aid within the scope allowable by social norms such as congratulations and condolences is an exception.)
      7. ⑦ Monetary Transactions/provision of valuables with external stakeholders
      8. ⑧ Forcing external stakeholders into unfair conduct
      9. ⑨ Other acts that violate the company's ethics regulation
  • 4. Reward for Reporting

    • When it is judged that the financial and material damage to the company has been prevented by reporting embezzlement or etc., corresponding reward is paid to the reporter/informant.
    • The amount of reward is confirmed by the internal deliberation committee after considering all matters.