The uniform plating thickness control improves corrosion resistance and solderability, contributing to customer productivity improvement and cost reduction.


Excellent Corrosion Resistance: Excellent plating adhesion and thick plated layer prevent pinhole in the plated layer.

Excellent Coiling : Stricted diameter control which is less than 1/2 of the international standard, excellent plating adhesion and the soft surface control improves the coiling and formability.

Anti-corrosion & Solderability: Smooth surface and special lube improves corrosion resistance and solderability. (Excellent solderability at 260 ℃ or less)

Temper Color Characteristics: There is no temper color during heat treatment after spring forming with nickel plating.

We manufacture and supply using high quality piano wire (SWRS82A).

Remote control Battery spring / Electronic equipment parts / Office equipment parts / High corrosion resistance precision springs are used.


ASTM, JIS, EN and other international standards and customized specifications to meet customer requirements

Grade : SWRS82A

Range of production diameter: 0.29~1.199 mm (SWC Strength MAX 3.0 mm SWPB MAX 1.2 mm)

Surface : DU, BR (*BR : Bright surface with no lubricant)

Packing : Provide various packing type to meet required unit weight. (Spool. Coil)