With various nickel alloys ROD inventories, we are able to review and respond to orders quickly and provide detailed technical consultation to our customers.


It is widely used in applications requiring high temperature, corrosion resistance, high strength and non-magnetic properties such as seawater desalination equipment, petrochemical plants, power generation turbines, rocket motors, ship rivets, sealing terminals, automotive engine heat resistant bolts, jet engine rotors, turbocharger parts, and spectacle frames.


ASTM, JIS, EN and other international standards and customized specifications to meet customer requirements

Grade : Alloy200, Alloy205, 25-6M, Alloy400, Alloy600, Alloy601, Alloy718, X-750, C-276, 660(A286), SUH 446

Range of production diameter: 0.08 - 5.00 mm

Surface : BR (*BR : Bright surface with no lubricant)

Packing : Provide various packing type to meet required unit weight. (Spool. C/R Coil)