ESG Management

Safety & Health Policy

KOS, the world’s best class company in stainless steel wire business,
is constantly dedicated to the new innovation in the future industries including medical and carbon fiber.
Safety and health is our top priority.
KOS announces its Safety and health policy to comply with responsibilities and obligations
to protect safety and health as below.

  • 01

    1. Comply with safety and health policy.

  • 02

    Protect the safety and health of
    all employees and visitors in the workplaces,
    through regular evaluation of all harmful and risk factors.

  • 03

    Prevent accidents in production field
    by setting target for safety and health and establishing
    the related management system.

  • 04

    Establish and manage the emergency response system
    that can actively respond to emergency situations
    such as serious disasters and etc.

  • 05

    Recommend the voluntary participation of employees
    and business partners in safety and health activities
    and fulfill social responsibilities by creating a safe workplace.