ESG Management
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    Always Go Green with KOS

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    Constantly growing company challenging for environment and humanity

  • 03

    Establishment of ESG Management System

    We, KOS, build necessary organizations and decision-making system for the implementation of ESG management. We will continue to improve for the internalization and advancement of related activities.

  • 04

    Stakeholder Communication

    We, KOS, communicate and cooperate with all stakeholders (employees, customers, partners, shareholders, the country and local communities) through management activities so that the vision of KOS ESG is reflected in all areas of environment, society and governance.

  • 05

    Supply Chain Cooperation

    We, KOS, actively strive to meet and constantly improve human rights, labor, environmental and social standards in the supply chain area demanded by the international community, and if necessary, provide assistance through due diligence inspection, education, and improvement support.