ESG Management
Date Agendas Attendance
  • <2023 Annual Business Review Meeting>

    · Identification & Analysis on the status of identified risk by each team (KOS Group)

    · Review on ESG management system building progress implemented from 2023 & analysis on its plan 

     (Governance, KOS Group)

    · Validation review on quality-related measures including analyzing customer satisfaction survey results 

     and improvements proposed (Social, KOS Group)

    · Review on environmental aspects from various stakeholders' perspectives 

     including the review of the achievements of environmental goals(Environmental, KOS Group)

    · Review on health&safety aspects from various stakeholders' perspectives

     including the review of the achievements of health&safety goals (Social, KOS Group)

  • · Preparation for the K-ETS application (KOS Ltd.)

    · Training on ESG management (KOS Ltd.)

    · Climate change related disclosure (KOSWIRE Ltd.)

    · Response to supply chain due diligence (KOSWIRE Ltd.)

    · Carbon emissions management system (KOS GLOBAL Ltd.)

    · ISO 50001: Energy management system (KOS GLOBAL Ltd.)